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Reviews for "Hotcorn"


hotcorn = hotporn to this one girl


I aboslutely loved your originality in this game. I can honestly not think one other game that plays like this. And the originality in this game was backed up by a great fun and addictive game.

The level designs were pretty good, some of the level were pretty basic and uninteresting but others really gave an inovative twist to the game. Powerups like freezing the time limit or speed up your mouse or putting "bad corn" in places that would get you to the kernals faster give strategy to the game. If the game was simply just "try to pop as many kernals as you can in the time limit" then it would not even be nearly as good as it was. I actually had to stop and think about how to do things.

I spotted a couple things wrong with the game though. The most urgent problem that should be fixed is an option at the bottom of the screen to change the quality. I had to right click to change the quality which exposed my mouse which wasn't intended to be shown while playing the game.

Another problem I spotted was that you could save preciouse second of time in the levels by moving you mouse towards the kernals, or whatever would be your first move, right after you clicked to start the level. Then once the level starts the sun would do some sort of rapid movement to where your mouse was. You could say it was teleporting because it would get to your mouse in almost no time at all. That could easily be fixed by making the level start right when you clicked the button. The waiting time seamed unnecesary.

The levels also seamed to have no order of difficulty. One of the levels might be incredibly hard and you need to try ten times to finish it, then the level directly after it you easily finish on the first try. You should probably reconsider the order in which the levels happen, or possibly adjust the times for some of the levels if you really don't want to change the order.

Overall, this was an incredibly fun and addictive game. I definantly had a lot of fun without before getting stuck on level 24. This is definantly a game you should be proud of, not by just graphics or physics, but a great idea.

how the fuck

do you beat helldegedly or w/e i think its level 45 or close to it

Not Bad

I got to lvl 14 and didnt go any further. I liked it tho. Weird, but not bad.


how do u start its not working for me??????