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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

Haha, major fun!

Love this, level 24 stumped me though, great job!

Pretty good

But I think it is a little too hard. I got bored of trying so many times on 'watery grave'. Ah well.

Too Hard

The game is challenging. There are certain levels that are way too hard. It's kind of funny that you need a slow computer in order to be beneficial in this game. I ended up at Racetrack - lvl 38. I couldn't pass that level, even if I wanted to try it for another hour. The speed bonuses make my sun tend to skip over some kernals and thereby cause me to waste more time than if I didn't get the speed boost.

Don't get me wrong. This was a very nice game to play - just tone the challenge down a little.


The game is great for time-killing, but there are glitches that are bad for gameplay, and there is a level I think it's impossible to finish (Water World)!


Repetitive and glitchy, some of the lvls were just downright hard..., and its not interesting enough for me to want to try and complete.