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Reviews for "Hotcorn"


alot of games you can slice or hit or shoot and theres no impact or to much impact and its just ardious trying to get rythm. but the poping lags the screen just enough to feel the pop at just the right amount and you get that feeling alot of games lack.
aside from that the game is original in idea and clean in proformance. i will probably come back to this one several times.


noice concept, fast paced, and the sound of popping corn is oddly satisfying...


Pretty cool.

Hard, though

A nice concept

Popping corn is a different game indeed but i'm stuck on wartery grave lol (I R NooB) can't wait to see more of your submissions =)

great game

it''s a great game, you should at a level editor or be able to swich to keyboard controls (easy mode or something)