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Reviews for "Hotcorn"


Thought it wasn't gonna be that good but definitely pleasantly surprised really good fun and pretty hard


It is so incredibly laggy, my God. It was still fun nonetheless until you get to the shortcut level which is unbeatable because of the lag. That ruined the game. This is the only time a game performed poorly on my computer and the only time there wasn't a way to change the quality.

Game without lag: 8/10

Game with lag: 6/10


Popped but then i stopped.

Was fun for the most part, lacks when on laptop mouse. Little games like that not very dynamic but popcorn did it for me, not bad at all.

Fived, Favorited

Loved it. I just stopped at 33 so I can check out some more games.


Hard and fun

it was hard on lvl 24 really hard but yet the game was fun and challenging has to do with the movement of the mouse