Reviews for "Madness: Deus Ex Machina"


No way anything's gonna beat this one, this kicks the crap out of most of the other submissions... great FX and animation, but personally

[SPOILER] i-d-h-a-v-e-p-r-e-f-e-r-r-e-d-j-e-b-u -s-t-o-s-a-v-e-h-i-m [/SPOILER]

First my computer exploded. Then my head did.

But I bought new ones, just so I could watch this again. It was AMAZE. and the metallic cock and balls guy was funny. Just... damn... this is like one of my new favorite flashes. Awesome job dude.

O M G!!!!!!!!!!!

By far one of the best movie I've seen based off Madness Combat serie..
Simply awesome!
I would like to see more of that!!!

(I aint a big fan of the clown... but thx.. you brought Hank at the end ;)
btw... where God? lol )

Brillant! Absolutely Brillant!

Graphics: 10

I give this a 10 even though the dick on boss should have been removed. Giving this a better story line this would have been flawless. Graphics were brillant! This was like a movie, I'm adding this to my DVD collection, lol. :]

So damn awesome. The effects in this, combined with the regular madness style characters, is just amazing. All the lighting and glow, the bevel and special effects, and the simple blood effects in contrast to that. It's an awesome combination. When the characters move and get hit they look a bit like blobs the way they shake and expand, but otherwise it's all in style with the original, if not even more brutal the way the locations seem peaceful and serene yet that klown makes use of all regular items as weapons. I see a sonic pun too, hehe. The shaky cam works well too, enforces the action. Great animation!