Reviews for "Madness: Deus Ex Machina"


No way anything's gonna beat this one, this kicks the crap out of most of the other submissions... great FX and animation, but personally

[SPOILER] i-d-h-a-v-e-p-r-e-f-e-r-r-e-d-j-e-b-u -s-t-o-s-a-v-e-h-i-m [/SPOILER]

New high water mark for just about everything

Can't really express with words how amazing this was. Beats out almost everything I've ever seen done in this style. Just the best.

There goes first place.

I can't believe it went on and on.
This was way beyond impressive and the perfect finale for madness day.
It leaves me speechless.
It grew over perfection.
Oh man...

Well deserved first place it is.

very nice!!!

i liike the big shiney plasticyness of it all!
i look forward ti more from you


Great Madness tribute... smooth animation, good sound effects (especially liked the clown changing soundtracks on the PC), and faithful to the Madness genre without being a carbon copy of Krinkels' style.