Reviews for "Madness: Deus Ex Machina"


Nice dude, was good really good animated, i loved the last backround. ^^
10/10 Easily, Keep up the hard work!


That was insane! Pure brilliance and ingeniuty. That was like Madness + Star Wars + Matrix + some other stuff + best graphics, ever + crazy storyline + more things. Saying this is awesome doesn't even begin to express how tight that was. The only thing I really wish is that the guy with his "junk" sticking wasn't there. xD And that we say more of Hank. Loved it.

awsome, great and funny

i love your movies your my favorite author

ps the end was so funny

Epicly Awesome!

I have no words!

I'm speechless!

This animation was absolutely remarkable!!!!


dude....its lts like the MOST AWSOME MOVIE EVAR!!!! MAKE MOAR!!! >:D