Reviews for "Madness: Deus Ex Machina"


The movie was great but the penis sword....that kinda pushed it


if not for the penis sword, which kinda took away the mood for me but was still hilarious, I would say that you bested krinkels' whole series. I dont doubt he could make something even better if he really tried, but this really kicks ass!


nice 9/10


Nice dude, was good really good animated, i loved the last backround. ^^
10/10 Easily, Keep up the hard work!


That was insane! Pure brilliance and ingeniuty. That was like Madness + Star Wars + Matrix + some other stuff + best graphics, ever + crazy storyline + more things. Saying this is awesome doesn't even begin to express how tight that was. The only thing I really wish is that the guy with his "junk" sticking wasn't there. xD And that we say more of Hank. Loved it.