Reviews for "Madness: Project 1337"



not bad!

this video is not bad.

neat style

ur movie was great i only disliked the beginning, cause all that slow chat thing in his glasses aint interesting ( wanted 2 stop ) but the rest i really liked!!!!

Fantomass responds:

Yes, I had an idea about making the mission-details-part more dynamic, but time was against us. Thank you for the review!

Me likez

Hmm... I wonder what's the feeling of being "farted out" from a giant's ass o.O lmao

The 300 joke WAS funny, I loved it. Btw, wasn't that dodging like "Bullet Time"?

Anyway, it was pretty good, the only thing that needs urgent improvement is the voice acting (but that ya already knew).

Rock on!

Fantomass responds:

Thank you!

That was great

I loved everything except for the horrible sounding voices, the 300 joke because that has been made fun of by everybody and there mom, and the matrix dodge half way through. People have got to stop slowing there stuff down to make it cooler it doesn't it makes it worse.

Fantomass responds:

I agree with you about people overusing the matrix style (it got old 5 years ago, but I like it anyway - it's just truly stylish :P ) but 300 is a recent movie and the joke was pretty original. And yes - we need to work on the voice-actor-thing. Thank you for the review!