Reviews for "Madness: Project 1337"

nice man!!

it was awsome but still "Mr. Agent" is kind of stupid give him a name....& that was messed up when he got farted out of the giant LOL still kool.....please repost

Fantomass responds:

Mr. Agent is a bit silly, I know, but maybe we will continue this story (or maybe make a prequel) for the next Madness day - and then definatly more details about Agent's personality will be revealed.
Thank you for the review!


the link for there m usic dosent work repost it XD

Fantomass responds:

NG messes up the link, don't know why. Just delete the empty space in the link.

What the nice!

Nice story XD i like ya movie


where did u get the credits music? cuz i liked it!

Fantomass responds:

The music is an original song by Changed View. They allowed me to use it for my movie. You can listen to them at the provided link!


i liked it! the story is interesting and the final is very cool.