Reviews for "Madness: Project 1337"

This really good!

Can you please make a second one?

Fantomass responds:

Well, maybe for the next madness day. Maybe.


lly great animator i reckon this should have got a better possieon in the madness day 07. p.s. you are a great animator.

Fantomass responds:

Thank you!


its good i liked giant

Fantomass responds:


Meh, Seen better

I've seen better, I mean. Who uses tweens for madness these days. The real part that made me laugh was the "Sparta!" part! Lol. I lol'd pretty hard there.


Fantomass responds:

Of course, I've seen better too! But in my opinion tweening and fbf'ing in this movie was pretty good balanced...

Spartans! Prepare for GORY!

Good work on this. It both paralleled and parodied Madness, which is good.

Fantomass responds:

Thank you! Yep - that's what I'm talking about in a response two reviews ago.