Reviews for "Remotely Mad"


well you were right the lack of violence compared to regular madness flashes was more than made up by the story line
this will probally be the best flash i'll see on madness day

Sifr responds:

Wow thanks man! Although I really don't deserve such praise, I shall use your kind words as an inspiration to make a better submission next time ^.^


ths was awesome and brillient and the war bit was really good and i hope to see more of ur work in the future

Sifr responds:

Thanks rustus, I'm glad you appreciate it. I'm working on many projects right now, fortunately a better animated Madness piece is somewhere down the road. ^-^

Loved it mate

Loved it very good storyline and here is a little thing I have to say if you spent a little time on the animating it would be one of the best flash movies

Sifr responds:

Well that means alot. Thanks mate!

don't let bad reviews get ya down

Decent for a first submission, and def. better then that clock shit.

Sifr responds:

haha thanks man ^-^


The main character had unlucky. What chanel was the black guy on?

Sifr responds:

He was on a static channel.