Reviews for "Remotely Mad"


Great movie man... ive always like ur series.... but wow! this one is so confusind WATCHING TV ill never watch again if thats gonna happen lol... Great movie

Sifr responds:

Well, first of all it's not my series but thanks for the compliment though ^-^ This is my first flash btw, and I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the words! ^.^

Happy Madness Day!

The idea wasn't so original but I think you pulled it off pretty well.

The character designs were good but the drawings seemed blocky, low-quality, etc. And the tweens were very slow.


Sifr responds:

Aww, it wasn't original.. Yeah well I thought it was, my bad ^.^ It lagged because I messed up in the sound looping section. The character designs weren't from a sprite sheet, I'll explain why the drawing is like that sometime later in my userpage (news post). I intentionally slowed some tween so that it would'nt pass by too quickly because I really managed the small details in most parts. Thanks for the vote man! ^.^


Rather decent for your first flash, but not Madness material. Keep at it, and I'll bet you end up being pretty damn good.

Sifr responds:

Thanks for the save man. Yeah, kinda figure it wasn't, just got to the spirit of Madness day because I like the character in general and I read what Tom Fulp said that we can do like a parody/tribute of Madness that's not all violent. I guess the lesser violence part is what didn't make the criteria. Thanks for the review though ^.^

i liked it

cool dude, i liked d channel surfing idea. arts and animation were ok. yea problem w/ the gunlooping sounds made the movie lag a little but no biggie

Sifr responds:

Yeah man, kind of figured that in the last second but I failed to fix it in my final check-up. Sounds and Loops, gotcha! I'll try my best not to let that happen again in future submissions. Hey you're Filipino, do I know you from somewhere? You're name kinda sounds familiar. ^.^


well you were right the lack of violence compared to regular madness flashes was more than made up by the story line
this will probally be the best flash i'll see on madness day

Sifr responds:

Wow thanks man! Although I really don't deserve such praise, I shall use your kind words as an inspiration to make a better submission next time ^.^