Reviews for "Remotely Mad"



is this based off of robot chicken?

Sifr responds:

what's robot chicken? whatever it is, no, this is all me..


If you improve on your character design a little more you might have something good here.

Sifr responds:

Will do that.


I don't know, I mean, I understand you may not be the most talented artist, or it may have been made in, like, a day! But it was poorly animated. I think with practice, this could be awesome!

Sifr responds:

wow you're first (and currently only review), I sort of feel honored. first of all, thanks for seeing some potential. if you read my commentary, I made this in less than a month then rushed it to meet the deadline. this really didn't come out the way I planned, but I'm still satisfied with this. (and yeah obviously I'm not the most talented artist, I spend about 5 minutes of my day in the average for drawing stuff)

i don't understand this

?????????/wtf is this

Sifr responds:

I don't see you doing any better. The obvious story is simple, even a first grader gets this. The deeper meaning.. meh I don't expect you to get it anyway.

A very good start!

I actually likes the story line and the idea behind was great. The sounds were a bit off sometimes but I know its hard to make them work, I always had the same trouble. It has a lot of potential. Great work!

Happy Madness Day!

Sifr responds:

Thanks man! Your words mean alot to me.. I'll try to do better with the sounds in the future. Anyway, Happy Madness Day! (I think it's still 09/22 there in the US) ^.^