Reviews for "Remotely Mad"

What can i say....?

Well it's normal. I kinda even like it. Work on the animation and sounds and you could be a real pro ;)

Sifr responds:

of all your flash reviews, mine was the only one that didn't score a ten... sad but thanks i guess..


True the movie was a little slow but I dont care cause my computers slow I think it was AWSOME and you are well on your way to being a pro I did not take points off for the low blood

Sifr responds:

point taken, thanks for the words man ^-^

i didnt get it

sound sucked and....just sucked

Sifr responds:

you didnt get it huh, well a 5-year old got the story so what does that make you?


it kinda didn't make any sense 2 me and the sound wuz krap. but i liked the animation! but it wuz a bit slow though.

it didn't make ANY sense to me, and yes - it's not very different from robot chicken

but like i said - good job on the animation

Sifr responds:

admittedly, the sound was rushed, and i know it's pretty vague right now but you can easily deduce a plot line just by watching it.

i still don't know what the hell is robot chicken lol

Not bad!

yea the speed is slow but kick ass concept, definetly need to work on the gun noise loop
but i am definetly looking forward to yer later works!

Sifr responds:

thanks for the complement man, having a real rough week and I needed that ^-^ I'll definitely work on my sound looping technique in future submissions