Reviews for "Remotely Mad"


need a little more blood and killing but cool and good

Sifr responds:

It does, doesn't it? Thanks dude.

that was cool lol

remotely mad is niceo

Sifr responds:

Thanks man


i would give it a better score but for 3 reasons i gave it a five:

> The sound was out of sync
> The animation was crappy and all the soldiers shot at the exact same time with the exact same noise
> poorly drawn

if you put a bit more effort into it im sure it would be great because the plotline did seem good

Sifr responds:

Point taken. Thanks.


evriting was not good too me the character are not good dawing and the video was so slow i din't even whach the hole video is not like the other madness this is 1 of the worst i see yet

Sifr responds:

yeh and you is one of the worst 1 in spelin and grammer i've seen in my hole lief

Loved it mate

Loved it very good storyline and here is a little thing I have to say if you spent a little time on the animating it would be one of the best flash movies

Sifr responds:

Well that means alot. Thanks mate!