Reviews for "Remotely Mad"

good movie

needs a little work, and i have one question: why is he wearing a box?


This was a fantastic video. It reminded me of the movie, Shocker. Great work, it could be less glitchy, but since it's your first submission and my computer is a piece of crap, I understand. Keep up the good work.

Sifr responds:

Thanks TrevorDanger! What movie does it remind you of?


The main character had unlucky. What chanel was the black guy on?

Sifr responds:

He was on a static channel.

Not bad

Although the main character looks like a homeless guy

Sifr responds:

that was intended after he got stuck in the desert haha

don't let bad reviews get ya down

Decent for a first submission, and def. better then that clock shit.

Sifr responds:

haha thanks man ^-^