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Reviews for "Madness Escape"

I've had high hopes, but I was left empty-handed.

Hmm, I don't really know what to say about this, yes, it seemed you worked hard on it, and you had to tweak a lot of things to make it work.

But, in my opinion only, it looks really messy and wasn't polish enough. Don't worry about that you "didn't have enough time", you still have a few more hours to fix it up more.

The animations were kinda sluggish in a way and bit slow. Maybe increasing frame rate would be a great help.

I liked the idea that you took this from AvA but with there's so much issues to it, I really thought you could have done better.

Yeah, it's better than my other flashes, but I'm a reviewer, just a person to check out flaws and whatnot.

Oh yeah, I forgot, REALLY SHORT. I thought 2.5MB flash would be much longer.
I'm just hoping part 2 is better. T_T

Cherban responds:

Well, I know for a start that i traced bitmap WAAY too much - something i'm all too fond of, but it extremely lags up the Flash and my PC - exporting this took >10 mins.

And a lot of the other problems, the fact that its my first proper flash can be my scapegoat =)

When (if?) i do part 2, im gonna try to avoid trace bitmap, and increase framerate and frames; I was new to motion tweening when making this, so some of the tweens had too little frames in them and looked choppy.

Thanks for the review!


It's not the best madness animation but this is a little to...short.
If it was longer I would be happy to. Also, practice makes perfect. I will wait for the sequel
Overall average.



Sorry dude, just didn't find it very amusing. 3/5 and 5/10

Low fps, TURN IT UP!!!!!!!1111111

Through the low frame rate I could see the movements were fine and naturally animated.

Lame As hell!

Dude, That Was Lame And Bad!