Reviews for "Happiness Apotheosis"




That was fucking hilarious! It takes a lot from a flash animation to make me laugh out loud, but you've done it, multiple times. I fucking loved this. All he wanted to do was to share his happiness with the sheriff :'(

very awesome



That made me happy inside ^_^ I am very proud of you and I think what you made is awesome. The sheriff shed tears. That was so beautiful... I felt I could root for the Happiness dude even more than the Madness dude! I was practically inspired as he crawled toward the sherrif's booth, riddled with bullets, still trying so hard, so very very hard... to be nice... that was so touching. And then KABOOM! XD

Honestly the Kaboom was a great cherry to top this sundae, but personally, I liked the sundae itself more. Mmmmm sprinkles...

Tricky Banglergooblerblat is the easter egg.

Oh and one more thing. WHAT THE FUC- BOOOOMMMM!!!!!!