Reviews for "Happiness Apotheosis"


Oh my god.
Im only 13 y/o but when this came out and i was a little kid... I watched this like 1000 times and i still remember it to this very day and I've been searching for this video for like 2 years (literally) and just ugh i love it :****

the quality is good and the animation is great as well.

this video is one of the only Madness videos that introduces a new character who doesn't kill everything he/she in sight, it's nice. by the time you've gotten through a quarter of the animation, you'll "be-friend" the character so that when (SPOILERS) sheriff kills him/her you almost feel sad about it (and the music kind of forces it...). then seeing Hank at the end makes you laugh a little. but it was nice to see a Madness character who can accomplish his goals without using violence.
4.5 / 5 stars

I love Madness like this 1000% and this awesome

this is 100% awesome
aspecially when the bomb explodes and scene with cock and scene with bear
5 stars