Reviews for "Happiness Apotheosis"


I thought first it would be so so. The introduction reminded me the original movie. Woa, it is well done.

The concept get used after a while in the movie. Little random scenes such as the guy killing his teammate accidentally and another one voluntary were good to break-up the streamline. Good job.

The faces you used such as ^|^ were good to show happiness. It was pretty much as simple face as the original movie.

I must say I got disappointed on a thing. When I seen it's Apotheosis I figured there would be the dancing disco scene somehow. This scene would have be as much rememberable as the car scene. That was ok though.

Things that you miss: You could have a jesus character just as the original, but that would make the disco guys anger and drop their gifts instead of making-up zombies.
Another joke that you possibly miss is when he triggers his gun to 'Mega'. This could been used somehow too. These were scenes that break the killing in each room the same kind of.

Anyway, overall this movie is still a nice parody.
Good work!


That was best parody of Madness I've ever seen. I don't know where you got that idea, but it's great. And it even had moral! :)


This is some awesome shit make more cuz that rocked
and i mean THAT ROCKED

IT really touched me

The Moral Of The Story-

Cock joke.

Made me lol, the end.

So funny...

Cracked me up lol...