Reviews for "Wicked Immortality"


quite short but nice. cool graphics! ;)

Pretty cool, but...

Vicious21, just a calm update for ya. Immortality doesn't exactly mean invulnerable. Usually something along the lines ofnot dying of old age or disease, etc. S'what I was taught..everyone's got different opinions. Time for movie!

cool !

you made the wicked heads from the madness bodies lol


I thought that was good it showed a good resemblance to Madness and i liked the ending..... only one flaw in my perspection...... Immortality means eternal life right? then how did the scientist die :3

erixs responds:

he didn't, thats the point. you see the head twitch in the end. he can't die. thats what immortal means


my thought through that hole thing was ur character would be better fitted sing the wopper song.
beyond that good play off of madness end battle was alright id say make ur enemy's more aggressive like the end boss he was just kinda looked more defending himself then tryin to kill him.

regardless good work and i hope to see more stuff from u (also gunna check out ur past stuff :P)