Reviews for "Wicked Immortality"

Please Please Please Please Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee


i liked it

i liked it and i to agree on you making a sequel

I Agree With TheMadnessPanda

I Know Your Going to make a longer,Better(If Possible) sequel. it is awesome!

erixs responds:

There were too many people that didn't like it so probably not, or i will not make a sequel.


Nice! i like how you have madness-like characters but i could see that you were trying not to copy krinkles too much. This movie had a mind of it own, and i like animatiors that make movies like that. Thank you for contributing this awsome movie to the public.

I know what it is

Cool movie. Now i know what immortality is, you never die of old age getting sick, stuff like that, however you can still be killed by getting shot and all that sort of stuff, invulnerable is no matter what someone does to you, you will never die, you can still die of age or disease. So, if your immortal AND invulnerable then it will be impossible to kill, although people always find a way to kill people who are "invulnerable" because there is always some way to kill somone who is invulnerable/immortal. Well thats my view on it, great movie and nice action. Cant for the sequel. And for those of you who think im making a premature judgement, the head twitched at the end, meaning he isnt dead.

erixs responds:

exactly, thx man!