Reviews for "Wicked Immortality"

Hidden Guy

On the part when hes running down the stairs, if you look really carefully you can see a complete madness guy >D

This is GREAT, you gunna make a sequel?


that walking kinda scared me .. still .. it's good ... nice fluid animation :D ..

Aw man,

This is way under rated.
Animation was very smooth, realistic movements, action, you did the grenade scene and the part where he drank the potion really nicely.


I like this. Even if I wanted to critisize it, I couldn't find any major point.

Only thing that bothered me are the odd feetings. Keep normal madness feet which ALWAYS go under the body. That is all.

Good tribute overall though.


SBP500 what are you talking about him killing Madness?

This is awesome Erixs! i'm always impressed with your animations. they almost rival Krinkels sometimes...and this one DEFINITELY doesn't disappoint! ^_^

looking forward to more!