Reviews for "Wicked Immortality"

not too bad

the change of the head and legs was a nice adition.
and you stayed loyal to the madness concept.
keep making flashes like this


Besides the werid heads and legs, awesome!


Once again, we have an amazing animation by Erixs'. Your style was very original and the kills were incredibly fluid. This kicked the ass out of Redness. I guess I couldn't hold on to 4th for long.

Anyways, I loved the grenade part. And the MC took a real beating. That shows you went the extra mile. Instead of a short, anti-climatic fight, you prolonged it for a good half minute. 5/5, 10/10, and my highest approval.


their heads looked like jelly beans and everyone seems to be on there tippy-toes, but the animation was done pretty well..... 3/5