Reviews for "Wicked Immortality"


Dude!! It's just like madness only different faces and body's!!

not the best but good

well dont get discoraged by me its just im not a big fan of this type of stuff but i still think you need to cep it up good work ps. please dont get mad at me

Not bad

Pretty good.. walking should change.. fps was good.. but the fact that the big dude didnt die after being shot in the head!!!!! kinda loopy if ya know what i mean.. But i liked it.. and thats the best part. Great movie Mattias.. great movie

erixs responds:

he's immortal ;)


it was different.... thats all ill say, it wasnt bad.... but different oh yea.... madness doesnt walk... they like hover or sumthin xD

Not badski.

Different, but good. And...yeah, fix the walking.