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Reviews for "Hollywood Madness"


couldn't really see what the words were saying between some scenes (my computer is screwed up and can't figure out how to fix it yet) but it was pretty funny.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:



i can bench press that much.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:



The only reason that was funny is because it was really stupid.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Oh i see. Thx

it wa sok

carrotime if u dont get it just know MADNESS DAY AHDD A DEADLINE he couldnt finish it in a fe w more months and egt it in to amdness day in time

it was pretty funny u should go farther with this

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Man suck on mah ballz. I know it had a deadline. I'm lazy.


It was ok.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

I know.