Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

Saland findles u r gr8t

Dafid,yoo are teh r8t bestest .Fank yoo fo makin a new saland findles cahtuun.
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Jerrry Jackson

What a mindfuck

Salad Finger in all his usual trippiness. Interesting indeed! I do wonder at the entities that inhabit his world - if they're real, or if they're just figments of his imagination and some mad rambling in the back of his mind. Really quite intriguing Mr. Firth. There were a bunch of theories that I found on wikipedia about Salad Fingers, all of which seemed to touch on something, but didn't quite seem correct. Perhaps I shall write a great research paper on Salad Fingers someday as a parallel to American politics - in that it's nonsensical and illogical. :D Awesome work man. As usual.

Wow man just wow.

Im not sure what to make of this I always knew Salad Fingers was loopy but he seems to sinking even deeper into whatever form of madness he is currently in. Doki you gotta meet me at a web forum somewhere so I can pick your brain about this character. He's absolutely enthralled me.

Once again...

Amazing job once again Sir David. These just keep getting better and better. The sond is more spaceous and the animation is freakier than ever. Masterpiece.

Creepy as always!

Man, if you made your own horror/thriller game out of this, it would easily rival Silent Hill and many other such successes. You should consider it.