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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"


this is awkward yet good and sad yet a little offensive because im mexican and u no but its good!!!!



aw so sad

This makes me cry a little every time I watch it, One of the best episodes ever.

He's adorable! I can't help but feel sad for him D:

The animation is so smooth too, I enjoy watching it & watching everylittle thing, I could never do something this good. The words are also very enjoyable. Not only do i not miss a single word they just feel eerie.

Beautiple=win btw


Zippy, you almost have it. Yeah, probably happened somewhere in Europe, but he wasn't married. He was a young child, and his brother had just gone off to fight the great war, (His brother in Ep 7.) It was a world war, but not war of the worlds. Just the one world. Roger was his childhood tormentor, always making fun of the fact that Salad's brother went to the war. His finger puppets were his childhood friends, and Charlie was his best friend. Him and his good friends(even roger) went into the cupboard. The bombs dropped, and the house was bomb proofed, but not radiation proofed. All of Salad's friends are still alive in the story. The weird eyed kid, the girl, the kid in the first episode, all of them, and they're all somewhat mutated. The hair is from them all, and the red one is from Roger, who instead of just mutating, died instantly. ;P Yes. I'm bored at night, and after watching all of them, this is the best backstory I can come up with.

creepy in the good way!

please make saladfingers 9!