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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

How do you do it?

Again another deeply insane Salad Fingers 'FIX'. I am awestruck at your ability to reach so deeply into the human psyche and strum just the right chords as to make my nerves tingle to your ballad of oddity. Please continue this series. Your mixture of subtleties and wording combined with the perfect audio choice (Boards Of Canada Pwns!) is guaranteed to keep me a fan.

I know

Salad Fingers is quite literally the last remaining person on earth, or at the very least his own part of it. It lives in a desecrated corner of nothing. (It because i'm certain it is a hermaphrodite) S/He being alone has naturally succumbed to a degraded sense of surrounding, S/He has created everything in it's own mind. everything it has done up to this point has all been in it's own head. In short Salad Fingers is living it's life inside out, by which i mean it's thoughts are seen as others actions, not thought it's self. It has taken it's own loneliness and created a external world. and it was in this installment that it finally broke down and lost it, hence the tears.

Okay but honestly i only belive and/or know half of that the majority was filler, heres my acctual in short opinion

Salad Fingers Is scary as all hell -Fact- it's very entertaining -Fact- and S.F. is completely alone which has transferred into total Psychosis and a mental brake down. This installment was the last nail to the coffin for this analysis.

i've finally figured it out!

salad fingers is a girl! think about it! whatch nettles and cage and look closely at her eyes. (they have lashes!) it finally makes sence

real nice

it made me sad again i feel bad for him


this is awkward yet good and sad yet a little offensive because im mexican and u no but its good!!!!