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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

Your best animation.

This is truly your most astounding piece of work so far. Not only was the superb animation and use of different angles effective, but this seemed to give an entirely new layer to the character of Salad Fingers. Your writing, acting, and skillful character animation perfects this into being my one of favorite pieces of moving art.


What a day this is... Madness day AND a new Salad Fingers episode!

I even get to review it while it's under judgement. :) Very good, I enjoyed it. Kind of saddening though.

Releasing on Madness Day?

Well, that's just madness in itself. Still, no doubt you'll take out daily 1st with this. You are just a god of bizare, you take the absurdist theme and really highlight it's key issues to make the simpliest of things, interesting.

Wonderful, loved it.


Awesome!! Finally a new Salad Fingers!! I Love rust!!!

My, my...

A tad disturbing as always, but I enjoyed it. Also, have you no respect for Madness Day? You could have at least made an easter egg. LOL, jk.