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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

Those leafy fingers found their way to my heart

splended work as usual doki, good to see salad fingers up to his usual antics :P in todays episode we got to see all sorts of new things in his house, like his radio, and his safety cupboard :P i'm not exactly sure what he was feeding that radio, but it sure did give it some sick feedback :P roger was not impressed :( poor salad fingers was forced to lock himself away... and i assume there's not much to do when locked away in safety, but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't drag the hair across my eye, haha, i really liked watching him do that, the sounds of that whole thing, were wonderful, hahaha. he also has quite the lovely hair collection :) i also liked hubert's cameo, not very long, but a good one ;) this toon's animation is very salad-fingers esque, but you're still getting better at flash :) the part where you watch his feet as he's walking looks nothing like anything i've seen from you before.

and of course, no toon would be complete without some form of breakdown in the end :) glad to see you finally got 8 out, and on madness day too, haha, enjoy stealing an award from a little madness boy ;)

unusually somber

or maybe it was just Salad Fingers's tears that got to me. or the shift of mood. (instead of bizarre yet amusing, it's just getting more bizarre)

still, it was nice and dark, well animated. i like that.

You also picked a nice time to submit this, right now in Cali it's about 11 with a thunderstorm going on. thunder flashing through my blinds + this episode equals perfection.

Wow, simply amazing.

This deserves to be on the Front Page.

Really, it was that good.

The lovable character that everyone adores, and the great storyline to it on each episode.

Really, who doesn't enjoy this series?


I see a large improvement of art and animation from the previous one. Like all, I found this very enjoyable and, of course, kinda creepy. Once again, good job.

I thought it was a joke

But then I realized it wasn't.
Good stuff! You get better every time...and I kinda liked the roughness of the first episodes. This one seemed cleaner than the others. :|
Btw, I made a song recently that was inspired by your work. It's on NG - "Ghosts in the walls"

Keep it up!
- Rig