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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

Long time no see.

Wow, it's been ages since I've seen an episode.

One thing that's really changed in this one is that I don't find it funny anymore - there are still some amusing things, but the overall impression is a very sad one.

In short, I think it's no coincidence that you submitted it on Madness Day.

what the hell

i don tget it is he insane he always talks about the war is he a vetern what the hell its freaky

I've always been impressed by this series.

Animation was sharper this time, much better than before.

Aaannnd... do I detect a few new subtle mannerisms our friend has gained?


the animation style was well done. and hearing another dialog coming from the radio refreshed me somewhat from your recent Salad Fingers submissions.

another successful Flash added to the list.
congratulations, cheers.


it's.. really strange.. but I've loved the series.. and ... I never really know why... but.. bold choice picking Madness Day to post it... good job ^_^ b