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Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"


this one's brilliant... SF acting like some kind of sole-survivor of kinda biiig warfare... (that would explain his rotten mind), and that eye-+-worm thing... this a stuff I'm talkin bout! : >


"scrub that muck off you at once hubert cumberdale..
i will have no dirty immagrants in my house"

or w.e he said LMAO i would give a 8 but tht phrase just makes it a 10 =]

well that if salad fingers even has a storyline...

well with the war thing look at the tech salad fingers used id say it have to be during 1930's and if it true then maybe David has it set as if the Nazi won and nuked everything who know we don't know if salad fingers is even human.

all in all a good series

My theory

Everybody says they think the Great War is WW1 or 2, but I have a different theory. If it was WW1 or 2 then there'd be survivors other than Salad. I think this is far murther into the future, and that the toilet (see episode 6) has something to do with why he still thinks it's going on. Great series, by the way. Freaky, but in a good way


I recently stumbled across your videos, and I must say, I've watched this one at least 15 times already!!! It somehow gets inside ones head and STAYS there.

Keep up the awesome work.