Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 8"

I like how the "substance" or whatever just disappears after a few of the things are put in.
Honestly, this was kinda funny...also "Your legs are made of cotton, and are far too long!"

Poor salad boi

Very nice

So I never got into salad fingers too much back in the day but it's nice to see the detail and crazyness that was salad fingers it was pretty good if you ask me some really nice work and detail in this one I like the idea here and this was a very good high end film with lots of great visuals no changes really needed here on this one as you really made a solid film

No changes on a beautiful film here


That was one of your most deranged yet. My favorite part is probably the animation. Salad Fingers really does seem to move more fluidly. I guess that was his chamberpot. Still a bodily fluid. I noticed he was talking in a different voice when impersonating someone.

He didn't even have puppets on his hand at the time! He's getting worse constantly. I guess the radio was alive after all. Well, maybe it was just his delusion. It's hard to tell what's real here.

So, orginally i watched Salad Fingers on YouTube, but the sound quality on this freaked me out! Because it sounded different!