Reviews for "Redness Precedence"

That was awesome!

Amazing! Loved every second. I didn't see any problems everything was perfected.
Can't wait for the next one.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Yeah, there were some problems. There still are, so I'mma re-export it one more time to fix them.


All I can really say is that this is a masterpiece. Although yes, the graphics aren't the best and there are a few errors in the flash, but this still is great. I've always wanted to make a movie about a sort of mafia named Cortel using Madness like characters. I see that your fits nicely, and mine might, but I can hardly animate, so I will try my best to make that animation as great as this. I mean really, it's got a nice story line, good views, a theme, a plot, a nice setting... "Somewhere in Nevada" isn't such a good setting. What I'm trying to get through is that this is a great piece of work.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Well, thank you for being honest about the screw-ups. I'm redoing some characters for Redness 2. I've dulled Giovanni's clothes down to a less annoying state, added some better shading to Roy, and I got rid of those dumb-ass gradients on the guards.

What I'm trying to get through is that, you'll love Redness 2 even more than this. Oh, and good luck with your tribute.

More more more!!!!!!

That was great. the voice overs are amazing the animation all but flawless. awsome job dude. gotta love sensless killing witha story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, Was Roy drunk or something?

Nice work not asgrate of story as hunt of the shoopacbra.