Reviews for "Redness Precedence"


hmm... kinda seems like the godfather...

Alpha-Nuva responds:

care to tell why you gave this a six?


i didnt get it

Alpha-Nuva responds:

im assuming it's hard to understand a flash when you're sucking dick.


it would be better if you didnt use voices..

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Most people said that the voices fit. But this IS your opinion. Thanks for reviewing, anyways.

don't get mad and say that you earned more....

I won't evevr give it a ten. the last review from my old account was wrote by bandit. so it was bad. the voices sounde like a bounch of russians teenagers who had been eating powder. the clips looked like penises. a clip can't be round shaped to a thompson M1. no clip can look like that! and you always keep wlabbering about that you're a ''high-respected madness animator''. your styles looks so wierd. with hell lots of color! madness has only black and white and red and yellow maybe . and the art looked like one of my first flash. and they didn't use to much bullets. they used 3 bullets to three guards. background was missing sometimes. and how could you choose to have blue feets and hands!? the music didn't fit at all. the music would have fitted in with madness guys killing some kind of gay-droids with green caps and mustach with some kind of pepper cola machine. you made the walking look like handicaps. and the heads was jumping up and down up and down up and down. so you should concentrate on something else then ''redness'' (doesn't that sound like some kind of rednecks?)

the drawings: could have been better.
story: makes me think of a cat vomiting underwears.(srsly it made me think about it.....)
the killing: way to low.
the sounds: sounded like a broken TV

over all 3/10 the animation wasn't so good at all.

I agrea with simonbuddy.
you've always complaining if someone gave you a bad review by saying'' I earned more then your pity 9!'' so that's what I think of it.
maybe next time you think of what you're making instead of some madness ripoff looking animation. - Tim

Alpha-Nuva responds:

um, i know this sucked. this deserves a 3.

also, i can accept criticism. what the hell did you shoot into your eyes that makes that unclear? smack?