Reviews for "Redness Precedence"


'Bring some big toys'


Great jod you earned this!

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Yes, Mike will bring dildoes and ass-rape Lenny's colleagues.

Thanks for the review.

realy good

penis wrinkle jeje and the movio of the clow ajajaj all your childrent will die jajajajaj your hotmail, tomfitz_tf@hotmail.com, and the retarded puppy jajaj 666-6969 jajaja, madnets combat.net ?, redness a madness mafia series ? , masturbation closet ?. steam toom 100 grades ?, this is a goddamm closet?,madness 1377 posposed ?, jimmy wuz- har?, lenny collichio exexutive ?, back frond the dead ? a joke ? , man you are the best y hope you can launch the serie of chapters

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Lol, I think I got the jist of what you said. Thanks. I will have episode two out, when i start working again.

freakin' awesome

this is the best movie i've seen in a long time if this was longer and in theaters it would make ya rich keep up tha good work peace

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Lol. I doubt this could make movies. I still have a lot to learn about animation.


It was seriously awesome, really. Talking was better than I excepted and animation was win. <3

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Lol. Hai Scrimpy.

I'm glad it was higher than your expectations. I thought lots of people would be disappointed by this.

have funny and awsomenness and the most funny part was that masturbation closet was fucking funny as hell!!! best funny and crazyness madness movie ever!!! good job guys!!!