Reviews for "Redness Precedence"

so awsome

when is the next one coming! If you have screens can you let us see it?

Alpha-Nuva responds:

I'm making one preview, three screenshots, and one scene leak. But I'm waiting until I'm far into it, before I do.

This could be a real movie!

Wow This might be as good as krinkles Madness strip this is just awesome it
could be a movie BUT! Work on the way you shoot the guys other wise i would give this a 17 out of 10 but i cant =D

Alpha-Nuva responds:

this sucks. i got way better compared to this.

when is the second one coming

when is coming out? i loved how you used music from the god father. also great flash

Alpha-Nuva responds:

read my userpage


the story line graphics and animation was perfect and the talking was cool but hey it dont take no stars away still good

Alpha-Nuva responds:

thanks for not being a little whiny bitch about the stars. means a lot. <3


"FUCK we used too many bullets!" hahahaha awesome vid a lil slow on the voices but definatly awesome. dont take like a year on red 3, but still, make it good. NICE!

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Redness 3 will be done around March, maybe.