Reviews for "Redness Precedence"

Nothing could be that good.

I'm speachless, i been waiting almost a year and noe my heart is beating very fast. So smooth, Awsome kill and some funny humor. Overall, that movie owned madness combat 1-3.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Manufactory, Xionic Madness, and Preloaded beat this. Looks like I'm walking home with a 4th place $250.

it what iv been waiting for

I`ve been waiting for this all along but did you have to put roy in as a drunk like just because hes irish but it was funny

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Yeah, I had a more extensive idea for Roy in the last scene, but I was running short of time and frames, so I had Vinny frag him out for lulz.


a movie with violence AND a good story? this is perfect
finally voices in madness series......

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it.


This is sick man, I'm Anticipating the next EP son

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Cool, I've got some anticimapation.


whoho i like it make another one i beg u

Alpha-Nuva responds:

You need not beg.