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Reviews for "Madness Peloponesum"

hmm........ so boring


i was waiting for him to say this is sparta

good altogether

but you should've made him say this is blabsphmy, this is sparta! sparta... THIS...IS...MADNESS!

I laughed a lot

I'll be quick. This madness movie made me laugh a lot, but I wasn't pleasured with the quality of the audio you arranged for this madness short.
It would had been even better if you used a higher FPS rate since this was supposedly to been a short flash movie. It would had look smoother and more fluid. But at least it was very funny, in my opinion. I do always enjoy a good 300 parody, no matter if people say they're overdone (well, actually, they are), they will always make me laugh as long it's funny, and this flash was one of those.
Conclusion: Nice parody!

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Voting Power: 7.97
Voter Number: 554
Voted 4: 3.76 / 5.00 (+ 0.0034)



take that sparta