Reviews for "Madness-AlternateReality"




It's so cool!!! I mean the animation the drawings... this deserves a 5!!
Your so going to my favorites!!

Holy *$^%!

He grew arms! Another great flash from one of my FAVORITE flash submitters! I loved how the Man/Demon Wolf thingy was a bit DBZ-esque before he transforms. Another great flash with a style that I actually prefer to the original. Kepp them coming chief. Maybe you remember me Soft Taco review? WHERES MY ICE CREAM BITCH!? :P


That was awesome. Yes it might have been random but I bet it wasn't easy to come up with. I really dug the way you drew the faces on your characters, kind of in the very first stages of sketching style. The expressions were much more intense without everything else in the way. The music ROCKED, by the way.


I'd give this a 10 even if the story sucked utterly, your drawing style is just too good ^.^

Make more things like this pls.