Reviews for "Madness-AlternateReality"


Loved when he crossed himself then flipped Beast-Hank the bird. Also liked when you first see Hank transform, when he grows a face. That was sik.


That was awesome. Yes it might have been random but I bet it wasn't easy to come up with. I really dug the way you drew the faces on your characters, kind of in the very first stages of sketching style. The expressions were much more intense without everything else in the way. The music ROCKED, by the way.


O...k.... that was strange...

okay then pretty good

its a bit random though

Youre losing it.....seriously

HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF?!?!?!!? HANK ISNT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ARMS!!!! JUST HANDS!!! although im very impressed by ur drawings