Reviews for "Madness-AlternateReality"


I only gave you a two out of five because there was a cool monster part but other then that it sucked. and dude when you go to draw madness people slap yourself frist that you know your drawing are a pice of shit excpt the monster part that was cool.

not madness

dude this is not right i meant you gave him PEOPLE eyes! And i mean really muscles? the only guy who even looks like that the slightest is the clown in the later episodes.


i didnt really like it.. when you made him buff? and eyes? it just took away the part that made it madness. and i dont really like sketchy stuff. just straight distinctive lines =/ 7/10?


It's so cool!!! I mean the animation the drawings... this deserves a 5!!
Your so going to my favorites!!

Damn that zombie Jesus!

Always meddling in the affairs of Hank... Nice work.