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Reviews for "Purify"

Creative idea

You shoulda won first place in that contest.

Haxxy responds:

Actually, although he wasn't quite as good at Flash, the first place winner did have a very nice concept. Although it was a little less metaphoric than mine...ah, whatever. I'm happy with what I got. =)


Loved it! Good flash for cleaning up the world..

Haxxy responds:

I'm glad you liked it. =) It's not hard just to pick something up once in a while.


very peaceful. i love it
how did you outlines everything? OMG! it's like crazyly hard
and the effects were awesome

Haxxy responds:

Thank you. =) Basically, in order to outline it, I made the animation of the stick figure in black. Then, I took that animation and put it into a graphic. I duplicated the graphic and in the new one, I increased the size of the head and the thickness of the lines, and turned them all white. I then took both graphics and overlapped the black one over the white one in the main timeline. It was a very tedious process, which is one reason why I was lazy at some points.

Very Meaningful

If only everyone would pick up a coke bottle and throw it in the trash. =/ Anyway, great job. I love the idea of how each time a person helps the world the start getting filled in. The animation was very smooth, hope to see more of your work!


Haxxy responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. =) Unfortunately, I probably won't be submitting to Newgrounds for a while, though, because my friends and I will be busy making Flash media for our new website.

that was s touching

wow that was really really cool it makes me want to go and unpolute the world (if thats possible)

Haxxy responds:

Haha, I'm glad I can be an inspiration. =) Your share in creating a pollution-free world is easy; pick up a can.