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Reviews for "Purify"


Simply animated, but with such symbolic meaning it was just so stunning to watch and think about. You definitly deserved that second spot. Congrats.


Haxxy responds:

Thanks a lot. =) I wanted to make it kinda like a commercial in the way the symbolism worked out. You can probably see some similar things in commercials, like the cell phone ones with the bars floating over the peoples' heads, or the Sansa one with the guy touching the music bubbles with his hands.


Original concept, clean, and simple. Good job on the flash. If only more people picked up coke cans...

Btw, grats on winning the 1k.

Haxxy responds:

=) Thanks, I'll be sure to put the money to good use. A new computer...


Loved it! Good flash for cleaning up the world..

Haxxy responds:

I'm glad you liked it. =) It's not hard just to pick something up once in a while.

Creative idea

You shoulda won first place in that contest.

Haxxy responds:

Actually, although he wasn't quite as good at Flash, the first place winner did have a very nice concept. Although it was a little less metaphoric than mine...ah, whatever. I'm happy with what I got. =)