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Reviews for "Purify"

Very Meaningful

If only everyone would pick up a coke bottle and throw it in the trash. =/ Anyway, great job. I love the idea of how each time a person helps the world the start getting filled in. The animation was very smooth, hope to see more of your work!


Haxxy responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. =) Unfortunately, I probably won't be submitting to Newgrounds for a while, though, because my friends and I will be busy making Flash media for our new website.


very peaceful. i love it
how did you outlines everything? OMG! it's like crazyly hard
and the effects were awesome

Haxxy responds:

Thank you. =) Basically, in order to outline it, I made the animation of the stick figure in black. Then, I took that animation and put it into a graphic. I duplicated the graphic and in the new one, I increased the size of the head and the thickness of the lines, and turned them all white. I then took both graphics and overlapped the black one over the white one in the main timeline. It was a very tedious process, which is one reason why I was lazy at some points.

nice work! very smooth movement

even though, the BG looks simple.. i must admit that u must have gooten A for phsics..
very realistic and meaningingful.. must save the world haha
keep up this work.. this is the only movie that i have seen no action and yet it is still nicely done..
u deserves 9/10.. how long didd u take doing this?

Haxxy responds:

This took me only a few weeks to a month, surprisingly. Thanks for the physics compliment, that's one of the things I spend the most time and precision on. =) I wanted to make the colors and backgrounds simple so it doesn't draw people out of focus and to convey the simplicity of making the world a better place for us all.


Not bad I'd say. Really creative though and I like the concept behind it ^^
Tho, I personally didn't like how the walking was so stiff... the knees were personally too high... I think it would be more natrual if you took a video of someone just normally walking and then looked at it >_>
But thats just me -_- and ya.... I'm just a tad annoying on things like this ... my bad ^^
But still It's really a good piece that you did though ya... you were a tiny bit lazy on some of it

Haxxy responds:

It's alright for you to be somewhat critical with my work - it helps me improve, really. I know I was a bit lazy with some parts, but I was on a time constraint for this. I might be submitting this for another contest, too. =)


Nice. I like the concept. the animation could use some work, but I like the style of it.

Haxxy responds:

One reason this was really hard to animate was because of the way everything was outlined like that...it made me want to be really lazy with things, and it was hard to be as precise as usual. I'm glad you like the style, though, it was definitely my first time trying something like that.