Reviews for "AnalogyOfFrozenSheep Ep4"


I love that song.
Your animation was cool.
And all of it was completely random.
But a little randomness is a good thing :)

I approve of this flash!


Graphics: Good as usual, but colour in your fillers as insignificant as they may be.

Style: Pretty random as usual, which is nice.

Sound: <3 that song.

Violence: I wanted to see the mouth take a chunk out of the words.

Interactivity: None

Humour: HAHAHA

Overall: Best so far, though I urge you to make a full length movie with plot and stuff D=

But I love you <3 15/15

nicely done

hey its me again.
I'd say this is your longest, and your best of this little series. i liked it. it had lots of randomness, with little bits of subtle humor like <more fillers> i hate making fillers for music videos. haha.

nicely done. how many episodes will this thing have?

FrozenSheep responds:

Hopefully seven.