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Reviews for "Sack Smash 2001"

My score was 86 gnomes squashed! >:D

lmao, bouncing on your balls has never been this much fun! Smooth and simple gameplay, idiiotproof controls, and a pretty sick idea. :D It's a classic! Feels like you shouldn't need to enter username and pass to enter score, but I suppose this was made before the API? Great game otherwise. Keep it going!


WTF? Made me giggle a little, but you really know how to make the music make it funny.

Just disturbingly wierd enough to work.

How did I end up in this part of NG?

Well long story short I was surfing around the FAQ's directed myself over to Tom's profile, since he created NG I was hoping to go into nostalgia mode and look at some of the stuff from the olden days. Back when Funnyjunk was green and Ebaumsworld was popular for the burger king guy. And when this website.. Well it was just starting out and coming into its own right. My have the times have changed and how popular this site has become. Keep doing what you're doing Newgrounds guys :D from a happy user this is one of my favorite websites to be on and I'm on here daily.