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Reviews for "Sack Smash 2001"

name something more fun than smashing people with your sack

smashed 74 gnomes


Nice fun game

ok well it was interesting, kinda funny, abit hard, but will be back to try and get some kinda decent score, the top player has like a lot of points pts but regardles this was a fun game and nice mechanic too, the graphics are really nice, some nice sound f/x too, you should ad some medals to this old classic, I was Immersed into the flash, right from the start. you have presented some good efforts, some good skills and an overall great feel to it all, I was highly impressed, This flash was Explosive, Crisply presented and Grippingly detailed, wich is why I liked it as much as I have. so nice find here today.

you should ad some medals to this old classic


gorgeous game.