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Reviews for "Sack Smash 2001"

kinda hard

best game ever

the 2003 version is better


This is really silly, and the first instance I've seen in games of the Battle Block Theater style of art (though I wouldn't doubt there are earlier instances in the movies tab), so this is really history.

Overall the concept is nothing but unique, smashing evil gnomes with your nut sack isn't something you see every day. The art is also awesome, and I always love seeing this style here. While all that is good there is a lack of things to do, you can only move back and forth, and it's the same enemies and challenge over and over; I got bored after about 2 minutes. The worst part of this was that *boing* noise over and over. Sure it's funny at first, but it's really repetitive.

All together this is a decent time waster, but nothing I would stay on for too long, especially with my volume up.